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About Us

We are a learning guild with members at all levels of experience. By sharing a love of hand-written letters, we build friendships and a greater confidence in our art.

Various types of day and evening classes involving many styles of lettering are available through area adult education and town recreation programs. Classes on related subjects which can enhance hand-lettered work (such as bookbinding, paper and card making, rubber stamping, watercolor and reproduction techniques) are also available in the Rochester area and some are taught by Guild members.

The Guild holds many “working” meetings, which appeals to students with a wide range of skills and interests.

Artist: Jane Sturmer

In 2004, the Guild hosted nationally-known calligraphy instructor Reggie Ezell. Reggie presented a comprehensive look at the many skills necessary to do fine calligraphy.

Members have attended many calligraphy conferences over the years, and brought great skills and ideas back to the guild. The 2019 conference will be held in Canada, near Montreal.

Artist: Jane Sturmer