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Items in our library may be borrowed between meetings, usually for one month. Titles include those listed here. Members interested in a particular book should contact Ellen Brannin before the next meeting.


  • Letters & Alphabets, , Dover Pictura (book and CD)
  • Historic Calligraphic Alphabets, Baker, Arthur, Dover Publications
  • Roman Capitals, Baker, Arthur, Dover Publications
  • Monograms and Alphabetic Devices, Cirker, Howard & Blanche, Dover Publications
  • Art in the Alphabet: A History of the Evolution of Hand Lettering, Day, Lewis F, Dover Publications
  • Ornamental Alphabets and Initials, Harding, Alison, Thames and Hudson
  • Allover Patterns with Letter Forms, Larcher, Jean, Dover Publications
  • Alphabets and Ornaments, Lehner, Ernst, Dover Publications
  • The Illuminated Alphabet, Menten, Theodore, Dover Publications
  • The Illuminated Alphabet, Seligman, Patricia & Noad, Timothy, Sterling Publishing Co.


  • Calligraphy Workstation
  • Notebook of Calligraphy Handouts donated by a former member
  • The Graceful Envelope 1996
  • The Gutenberg Bible, The Huntington Library, San Marino, CA
  • Calligraphic Swash Initials, Baker, Arthur, Dover Books
  • Cyberstudy - Pointed Brush - 2000, Vol. 1, Number 1
  • Ornamental Calligraphy, Becker, George J., Dover Publications
  • The First Writing Book (Arrighi’s Operina), Benson, John J., Yale University Press
  • Pen & Brush Lettering, A Book of Alphabets, Ed. Booth, Stuart, et. al., Studio Vista
  • Wind Songs, Botts, Timothy, Tyndale House
  • Door Posts, Botts, Timothy, Tyndale House
  • More Than Fine Writing: Irene Wellington, Calligrapher (1904-84), Child, Heather et. al., The Overlook Press
  • How to Become a Professional Calligrapher, David, Stuart, Taplinger
  • Medieval Calligraphy: Its History and Technique, Drogin,Marc, Allanheld, Osmun & Co.
  • The Glory of the Page, Glasgow University Library
  • Complete Studio Tips for artists and graphic designers, Gray, Bill, W. W. Norton & Co.
  • The Calligrapher's Project Book, Haines, Susanne, Harper Collins
  • Creative Lettering, Harvey, Michael
  • Decoration and Its Uses, Johnston, Edward, Ten Speed Press
  • Writing & Illuminated Lettering, Johnston, Edward, Dover Publications
  • Calligraphy in the Copperplate Style, Kaufman, Herb & Homelsky, Geri, Dover Publications
  • The Calligrapher’s Handbook, Lamb, C. M. (editor), Faber & Faber
  • Learning Gothic, Lincoln, Abraham, Abraham Lincoln
  • Ornamental Pictorial Calligraphy, Lupfer, E. A., Dover Publications
  • Creative Calligraphy, Lynskey, Marie, Baker, Land and Unwin
  • Learning Copperplate Spencerian Script, Menser, Larry, Hunt Speedball
  • Choirs of Angels, Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • The Illuminated Alphabet, Noad, Timothy & Seligman, Patricia, Running Press Quarto
  • The Art of Color Calligraphy, Noble, Mary & Adrian Waddington, Running Press
  • Paint Your Own Illuminated Letters, Oliver, Stephan, Chartwell Books
  • Brush Lettering, Reaves, Marilyn and Schulte, Eliza, Design Books
  • Borders for Calligraphy, Shepherd, Margaret, Perigee
  • Calligraphy Alphabets Made Easy, Shepherd, Margaret, Perigree
  • Calligraphy Projects for Pleasure and Profit, Shepherd, Margaret, Perigee
  • Using Calligraphy, Shepherd, Margaret, Collier Books
  • Pen Calligraphy, Strom, Fran of Aha Calligraphy (VHS Video)
  • Left-Handed Calligraphy, Studley, Vance, Dover Publications
  • Written Letters, Svaren, Jacqueline, Taplinger Publishing
  • Pots & Pens Three- a Cook Book of Favorite Recipes, Valley Calligraphy Guild, Valley Calligraphy Guild
  • Sixth Manual for the Calligraphic Arts, Van Milligen, Jane, Center for Calligraphic Arts
  • Fifth Manual for the Calligraphic Arts, Van Milligen, Jane, Center for Calligraphic Arts
  • Fourth Manual for the Calligraphic Arts, Van Milligen, Jane, Center for Calligraphic Arts
  • Third Manual for the Calligraphic Arts, Van Milligen, Jane, Center for Calligraphic Arts
  • Second Manual for the Calligraphic Arts, Van Milligen, Jane, Center for Calligraphic Arts
  • Manual for the Calligraphic Arts, Van Milligen, Jane, Center for Calligraphic Arts
  • Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy, Winters, Eleanor, Dover
  • The Art of Hand Lettering, Wotzkow, Helm, Dover Publications

Calligraphy for Children

Yours Truly, King Arthur, Drogin, Marc, Taplinger Publishing

Calligraphy Calendars

  • 1986 Engagement Calendar-Magic, Calligraphers, Taplinger Publishing
  • 1981 The Engagement Calendar, Calligraphers, Taplinger Publishing
  • Calendar of Country Knowledge and Extraordinary Americana, Epstein, Glen, Dover Publications
  • Collection of Calendars-1989-1996, 1998, Sarnack, Phyllis, self
  • Proverbs for the Present 2005, Printery House

Copy Art

Copier Creations, Fleischman, Paul, Harper Trophy

Layout and Design

  • Ready-to-Use Layouts for Desktop Design, Collier, David & Floyd, Kay, North Light Books
  • Design with Type, Dair, Carl, University of Toronto Press
  • Using Calligraphy, Layout and Design Ideas, Furber, Alan, Sterling
  • Layout and Design for Calligraphers, Furber, Alan, Taplinger
  • Design Basics, Lauer, David, Holt, Rinehart & Winston
  • Graphic Design Cookbook, Koren, Leonard and Meckler, R. Wippo, Chronicle Books


  • Alphabet-Journal of the Friends of Calligraphy back issues
  • Bound & Lettered back issues
  • Calligraph, Fall 2017
  • Calligraphy Idea Exchange, Spring 1987, & Summer 1986
  • Calligraphy Review back issues
  • Letter Arts Review back issues
  • Society of Scribes Journal, Fall 2000


  • The Family Album, DeMoss, Arthur and Nancy, The Family Album
  • A Modern Book of Hours, Denmon, Cherry
  • The Beauty of Life, Gibran, Kahlil, Hallmark
  • So, Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy!, Johnson, Barbara, Word Publishing
  • Happy Birthday, , Peter Pauper Press
  • Ideas for Our Time, Peter, Dr. Larence, Morrow