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March meeting

Marian clarified a time change for Annie's upcoming Italic class. Only two seats remain; claim yours soon!


David Dowd led an activity, making "alphabet soup" on (in?) paper bowls to warm our frosty fingers. We filled our bowls with one a letter, an assortment of letters, or a word penned in various styles. It was a hands-on opportunity to share input and encouragement amongst our creative and skilled group.

Although David is relatively new to the art of lettering, he has provided us with a number of inspiring meetings. Thank you, David, we all look up to you! Alexis noticed that when David sits in a kid-sized chair, he appears even with the rest of us.

We plan to meet at the Perinton Community Center again in April, in room 205 (the craft room. It's a little larger and really makes more sense for an art group). Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel (and still no commercials). We hope to see you there!