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**Meeting Location Change: Our meetings will be held at the Perinton Community Center at 1350 Turk Hill Road. Find directions here: **Map

Most meetings will be in room 205 - the art and craft room.

We meet on the First Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM,. We welcome prospective new members to attend a meeting before joining. The programs are varied and cover topics of interest to the lettering artist.

2019 Programs

January - Planning Meeting

February - Calligraphy and Snowflakes

March - Alphabet "Soup"

April - Visiting WWII Vet and artist Owen Hughes

May - At our May meeting, we viewed slides from our collection of work done by instructors at past conferences. Slides! We discussed what made some of those pieces work effectively.
A few of the things we noted were:

  1. Calligraphy doesn’t need to be on paper. One stunning piece was carved from wood.
  2. Colors can be used in an variety of ways. Backgrounds, decorative elements, and the lettering itself offer opportunities to add color.
  3. Visual texture is created by the density of strokes, as is a sense of motion.
  4. Some calligraphy is not intended to be read, using calligraphic strokes as painterly elements.

June - What’s keeping you from making art?
Georgie systematically addressed the barriers to our creativity.
For inspiration, she provided a handout of quotations about tea (and coffee, if you prefer).
For illustration, she provided an assortment of cup and mug images and encouraged us to adapt them to our work.
For a surface to work on, she and Lisa provided us with a supply of Arches Textwove paper. This is a preferred paper for many artists because it’s slightly translucent, making tracing easy. It also takes wet media well and dries flat. It’s ideal for paste paper and bookbinding.
Whether you’ve finished the work you began at the June meeting or not, bring it to the July meeting. This will be your entry into an informal contest with a tea-themed sculpture. Someone must have a picture of it. Trust me, it’s beautiful!

July - Drawn Letters
Ellen shared several informative handouts featuring an assortment of drawn letters. Drawn letters are constructed with a smaller instrument rather than written freely with a standard calligraphy nib.
To easily draw calligraphic strokes, two pencils can be held together with a rubber band or tape. Two leads can fit comfortably in a piece of plastic straw. These strokes will form the skeleton of the letter. You will use a monoline tool, such as a single pencil, to fill out the rest of the shape.
Drawn letters lend themselves to an assortment of coloring techniques. We experimented with our own tools, and shared ideas among ourselves.
Ellen provided a generous supply of papers for our lettering pleasure. Corners of envelopes make wonderful decorated bookmarks. Long strips are a classic choice.

ALSO: several artists brought along their coffee and tea pieces. Each artist received a slip to add their names to a drawing for one of three Alice in Wonderland / tea themed prizes. Bring either a finished piece or the beginnings of a second one to the August meeting for another chance!

August - Program: Karen Barber and Rei Pizzaro will tell us about their experiences at the summer conference.
The revitalization committee would like your help with program planning. The document here contains a list of the programs we’ve had for the last 12 months. Would you please tell us which three you liked the best. You can do this by printing out the file (landscape format), writing 1, 2, 3 to the left of your favorites, and bringing it to the August meeting.
Then, could you tell us please, what topics you would suggest for future meetings. Would you be able to present such a program (either yourself or with another guild member)? Would you like to “volunteer” someone else to present this topic? Here’s your chance to have meetings that are exactly what you want! Bring this to the August meeting, or reply to this email.

Artist: Marian Henry